In August at the National Clean Energy Summit in Nevada, President Obama announced that the Loan Programs Office (LPO) has issued guidance for potential applicants on the kinds of distributed energy projects it can support, in the form of supplements to its existing Renewable Energy and Efficient Energy Projects (REEE) and Advanced Fossil Energy Projects solicitations. In addition, the President announced that the LPO has initiated the process to increase the loan guarantees available under the REEE and Advanced Fossil Energy Projects Solicitations by up to an additional $1 billion.

President Obama's announcement sends a clear signal that the Energy Department can support distributed energy projects, including fuel cells. LPO's guidance provides examples of the types of financial structures LPO will consider in connection with distributed energy projects. A fact sheet about this guidance can be found on LPO's blog post about the announcement.

To read more about LPO's distributed energy projects supplements to loan guarantee solicitations, please visit LPO's distributed energy projects page. The supplements may also be accessed directly at: