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Download the new report, Federal Workplace Charging Program Guide. Report serves as a program guide to support federal agencies in developing their own policy documents for workplace charging.

The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) helps the federal fleet community access the latest information, applications, and resources related to fleet efficiency. 

FEMP provides guidance and assistance to help agencies implement federal legislative and regulatory requirements mandating reduced petroleum consumption and increased alternative fuel use. This includes planning for acquisitions of alternative-fueled vehicles, as well as installation of supply equipment to supply the energy these new vehicles require. 

Contact FEMP’s team of federal fleet experts and engineers for assistance and technical expertise relating to statutory requirements, alternative fuels, and fleet data analysis.

Fleet Requirements Resource Center
Summarizes statutory requirements and offers best practices and resources for compliance.
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Electric Vehicles for Federal Fleets
Describes electric vehicle technical assistance that can help agencies meet fleet requirements.
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Federal reporting tool for fleet vehicles and fueling infrastructure.
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Case Studies
Browse case studies of successful federal projects.
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Lists tools and documents to help agencies manage efficient federal fleets.
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Federal Fleet Performance Data
Charts, maps, and reports that illustrate annual federal fleet performance progress.
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INTERFUEL Working Group
Monthly meetings and updates regarding new technologies and policies affecting federal fleets.
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Federal tool increases alternative fuel use by tracking missed opportunities.
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Fleet Cybersecurity
Explains vehicle vulnerabilities and how to mitigate cybersecurity risks through purchase requirements.
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Federal Fleet EV Training Videos
Get an overview of electric vehicle (EV) technology, explore the financial benefits and tradeoffs of adopting EVs.
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Key Resources

Provides suggested language for workplace charging policies to help agencies define requirements for charging privately owned vehicles.
Describes best practices to right-size fleets, reduce miles traveled, improve efficiency, and more.
Describes how DOE will evaluate waiver requests for FY 2021 (beginning with the FY 2020 data call).
Report summarizes site assessment results and provides lessons learned for deploying electric vehicles.
Explains vehicle vulnerabilities and how to mitigate cybersecurity risks through purchase requirements.
Interactive resource that helps federal employees navigate federal fleet shuttle stops in Washington, D.C.

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