Energy and Water Resilience and Security

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The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) partners with key stakeholders to guide the development of portfolio resilience planning for the strategic integration of advanced, secure technologies. FEMP also works to address energy management challenges and risks from cyber security threats.

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FEMP guides agencies through a comprehensive approach to resilience planning that addresses continuity of operations focus areas, including energy and water requirements, communications, transportation, facilities and technology solutions.

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FEMP empowers, educates, and trains federal agencies on how to actively identify, prioritize, and mitigate the risks of cyber or physical attacks on facility-related control systems while maintaining the required level of service for efficient operations.

Featured FEMP Training

Achieving Energy Security in Federal Facilities

Course builds competency in protecting critical missions by integrating energy security measures into all aspects of operations. 

Featured FEMP Video

Energy Exchange 2018 Opening Video
Video outlines the process for making energy plans more resilient, secure, and efficient.

Key Resources

Fact sheet describes cyber security strategies applicable to federal facilities.
Fact sheet discusses cyber threats unique to lighting control systems in buildings.
Summaries of agencies that have successfully implemented efficiency measures.