Electric vehicles (EVs) have the potential to significantly improve federal fleet efficiency and reduce vehicle operation and maintenance costs. At the same time, EVs provide agencies a simple solution to satisfy key statutory requirements for acquiring alternative fuel vehicles and low greenhouse-gas emitting vehicles.

EV Toolkit
Resources including a fleet electrification checklist, utility finder, and more.
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Acquiring Vehicles and EVSE
Information related to electric vehicles and electric vehicle supply equipment acquisition.
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Workplace Charging
Provides program guide, fee calculator, and additional resources.
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Tiger Team Support
FEMP technical assistance to support federal agencies in meeting fleet decarbonization goals.
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Electric Vehicle Training
Attend live trainings, access on-demand courses, and watch videos to develop expertise in fleet electrification.
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Fleet Electrification Success Stories
Examples of successful electric vehicle adoption and electric vehicle supply equipment installation throughout the federal fleet.
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Managed Charging, Bidirectional Charging, and EVs for Mobile Storage
Describes EVSE and EVs as load management energy conservation measures and provides procurement information.
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EV and EVSE Reporting
Summarizes statutory requirements and offers FEMP tools and best practices.
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Find a Station or Charging Port

The U.S. Department of Energy has also published a series of case studies on the Alternative Fuels Data Center along with a wealth of information about EVs and other types of alternative fuel vehicles. The website also features the Alternative Fueling Station Locator with vetted EVSE units that can be filtered by charging power level and compatibility.