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The Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) works with its stakeholders to enable federal agencies to meet energy related goals, identify affordable solutions, facilitate public-private partnerships, and provide energy leadership to the country by identifying government best practices.

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Why We're Here

The U.S. federal government is America’s largest single energy consumer. As such, it has an opportunity and responsibility to lead by example in cutting energy waste and advancing America’s progress toward energy independence, resiliency, and security.

Read the latest summary of the federal government's energy and water use and emissions.

Although the federal government has made significant progress in improving energy efficiency and reducing costs, additional opportunities for further reductions remain. FEMP works with agencies and private-sector organizations to identify these opportunities and implement projects to accomplish savings.

What We've Accomplished

Graph displaying the 49% energy intensity reduction.
Since 1975, FEMP has helped agencies reduce the energy intensity of their facilities by 49%. See the federal government's latest energy management data.

Since 1975, the federal government has decreased building energy intensity by 49% and by 25% since 2003.  The progress the federal government has made to-date—through public-private partnerships and successful replicable affordable solutions—is being leveraged to show leadership to the nation and to continue to make significant contributions to our national energy and infrastructure goals.

See comprehensive annual energy data for the federal government.

A presentation summarizing the latest federal progress toward energy/sustainability goals is also available.

What You'll Find on Our Website

FEMP offers information, tools, and assistance to help federal agencies and private-sector organizations meet and track their energy-related requirements and goals. Resources include:

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