The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) maintains an approval process for new office, subprogram and specialty logos.

As of March 2024, DOE has paused the development or approval of any new logos or brand identity requests, as well as certain types of website requests, as part of the transition from the current brand and website environments.

Graphics Approval

Before developing a new logo, you must first get approval from the EERE Publications Manager. This ensures that the logo will align with DOE branding and policies and will adhere to trademark rules and regulations.  

After receiving approval to proceed with the development of a logo, you may begin graphic work.  

After the graphic work is finished, send the EERE Publications Manager the final version of the file in any graphic formats you have developed for final approval. You may not use any logo until final approval is given. At least one of the formats must be in a vector graphics format, such as EPS or AI. Please also send any official directions or other communication plans related to the logo.

Approved Graphics and Requests for Use

If you require any EERE graphics including logos, icons, and identifiers to support work for EERE, you may request them from the EERE Publications Manager.  If you work for EERE or one of its contractors, and you sign on to the site, you may download select graphics on the EERE i2 intranet site.