Audio-only files—whether they are downloaded from a page or distributed via a podcast—must be accessible to all visitors of the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) website. For developing and posting audio-only files, follow these requirements and best practices.

Technical Requirements

All audio files should be in MP3 format.

Posting Audio Files in

Create a download page that contains the MP3 file and the text version of the audio and follow these standards:

  • The download page must contain a descriptive title, summary, and body text.
  • The text version can be pasted into the body of the page.
  • A hero image is optional.
  • Follow file naming requirements when naming the MP3 file.

Posting Audio Files Outside of

Use these best practices for posting audio files on EERE sites outside of the environment.

Link to the Text Version

The text version should be posted on a separate HTML page. Link to this page near your MP3 file. See the page on writing a text version for more information.

Linking to Audio-Only Files

You should provide a link to download an audio file, even if you embed the audio file on the page. This allows users to download your audio file and listen to it offline.