Hopkins Student Wind Energy Team

Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

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Faculty Advisor
Dennice Gayme
Rui Ni

Student Leads
Isaac Lee

What is your team name, institution name, city, and state?

We are the Hopkins Student Wind Energy Team from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Who are your faculty advisor and student lead(s)?

Our faculty advisors are Dennice Gayme and Rui Ni, and our student lead is Isaac Lee. 

Why is your team participating in the Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC)?

The CWC allows us to explore our interests in clean energy and bond with peers over a shared passion for sustainability. Through this competition, we have learned important industry skills from professionals at various wind energy companies and become better equipped for the working world. 

Three rows of students standing on steps in front of a large brick building labeled “Gilman Hall.”

The Hopkins Student Wind Energy Team includes (from left to right) in the top row: William Chavez, Jayden Chiu, Eva Loftus, Victor Aldridge, Joel Rentas-Velez, Justin Lee, David Corrente, and Shivam Dixit; in the middle row: Trevor Black, Jonathan Spangler-Sakata, Isaac Lee, and Marisa Thomas; and in the bottom row: Kathy Cao, Eleni Daskopoulou, Ashwatha Suresh, and Julia Choe.

Photo from the Hopkins Student Wind Energy Team, Johns Hopkins University

What is your vision for a clean energy future?

We envision a vibrant and diverse energy industry with people working from a variety of backgrounds and experiences to spur innovation and grow sustainable industries and communities. Passionate students participating in the CWC will be integral in accelerating the nation toward clean energy. 

Describe your project, objectives, and game plan.

We will solidify our team as a top contender in this year’s competition by fine-tuning cooperation between subteams while reinforcing networks with industries, other schools, and our community. Our goal is to model success for future competitions, passing down knowledge and strategies to successive teams.

Who has your team connected with in the wind industry? What lessons have you learned from them, and how can your team apply those lessons to the competition?

We are fortunate to have developed relationships with industry mentors from Ørsted, General Electric, Hannon Armstrong, and Pivot Power, as well as mentors from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. From them, we have learned to stay up to date on current energy policies, which has helped us  identify trends and create a relevant siting and finance plan. Our mentors have also taught us to take a pragmatic approach to design, emphasizing the value of testing early and often.

What makes you most excited about participating in the Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC)?

We are excited to grow our team’s presence on campus and in local communities. As the only renewable energy club at John Hopkins University, our team offers students a unique  opportunity to explore our passions and forge connections in industry through the CWC. Alumni have gone on to start careers in clean energy, citing the CWC as a key contributor to their successes.

What does your team do exceptionally well? How will you use your team’s strengths to your advantage in the competition?

We do an exceptional job recruiting members who are able to excel in niche areas of the team. Subteam membership is not limited to major or grade, and students are encouraged to attend any subteam meetings that interest them. This allows students to identify where their strengths will be most useful, bolstering our team as a whole.

This content was submitted to the U.S. Department of Energy by the team. Find more information on CWC 2023.