The U.S. Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC) is a great opportunity for college students to gain experience and build professional relationships that will help them find jobs in wind and renewable energy.  

Explore these testimonials from CWC alumni to learn what students can gain from participating in the competition. 

"Through the CWC, I gained experience with renewable energy from both a technical and business perspective. I got the opportunity to lead a team on an engineering project, and I got to tour the National Wind Technology Center and see renewable energy implementations firsthand. I continue to build on my lessons from the CWC in my current role, in which I design electrical subsystems that harness solar energy to power CubeSats–a type of NASA nanosatellite." 

Fotios Emery 

Participant, 2018 CWC
Electrical Engineer, ExoTerra Resource LLC 


Fotios Emery in a suit and tie


Courtesy of Fotios Emery, ExoTerra Resource LLC
Sarah McDonald wearing a Hornblower polo shirt


Photo courtesy of Sarah McDonald, Hornblower

"By participating in the CWC, I learned firsthand how all aspects of wind energy projects are interconnected, including the conceptual design, business case, project marketing, community engagement, and the final success of the product itself. I now have a job supporting offshore wind and use the skills I developed in the CWC to collaborate with other departments in my company to ensure that projects are planned and executed efficiently and successfully." 

Sarah McDonald 

Participant, 2016 CWC
Director of Vessel Construction and Repair, Hornblower  


"The CWC gives you a chance to narrow down what you're passionate about, which will help you better define what roles you want to highlight when you start applying for jobs." 

Jamie Mears 

Participant, 2018, 2019, and 2020 CWC
Project Developer, Ørsted Onshore 


Jamie Mears smiling at the camera


Photo courtesy of Jamie Mears, Orsted Onshore

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