Twelve teams participated in the Collegiate Wind Competition 2019 Technical Challenge, at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) Flatirons Campus on May 6–9, 2019. The teams completed several rounds of testing in the second-generation tunnel and adjusted their designs throughout the technical challenge.

Teams were tasked with developing:

  • An effective mechanical, electrical, and aerodynamic wind turbine and load design that is safe and reliable for testing in an on-site wind tunnel.
  • An electrical control system that can maintain a constant voltage into a competition-provided, variable-resistance load during the durability portion of the turbine testing.
  • A cost of energy analysis for the site plan developed in 2018.

Final Results

Congratulations to the winners in each of the categories during the 2019 Collegiate Wind Competition Technical Challenge:

In addition to the competition, industry members presented their experiences and thoughts about the wind industry to inspire students.

Speakers included:

  • Valerie Reed, Acting Director of the Wind Energy Technologies Office, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Bob Thresher, Research Fellow, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Brian Smith, Laboratory Program Manager, Wind Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Eric Lustgarten, Senior Associate, Project Finance and M&A, Scout Clean Energy
  • Matt Pagano, Manager, Project Finance, Pivot Energy
  • Connor Kobeski, Project Engineer, Invenergy

Collegiate Wind Competition 2019 Technical Challenge

In this video, students reflect on their experiences, summarize the competition, and display the unique skills they developed at the CWC 2019 Technical Challenge.

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Video recap of the Collegiate Wind Competition 2019 Technical Challenge showcasing the skills students developed throughout the year.
Video courtesy of the Department of Energy