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Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

Why this Competition?

The U.S Department of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition (CWC) enables Brigham Young University (BYU) to build a stronger cohort of engineers who are interested in wind energy. The CWC provides these students with the structure and resources to become valuable members of the wind energy workforce. The multidisciplinary nature of the project also allows for business, social science, and environmental science majors to gain valuable experience in wind farm design.

Game Plan

We will focus on delivering results, and maintaining inclusivity in decision-making and accountability for responsibilities. Our wind turbine design team is divided into subteams consisting of a controls team, generator team, blades team, and mechanical design team, while our wind farm design team is divided into subteams consisting of a GIS team, wind farm optimization team, and economics team. We believe our multidisciplinary subteams can sufficiently accomplish our goals.

CWC Brigham Young University team.


Team Strengths

Our team’s diversity of knowledge is one of its greatest strengths. We have a mix of students from many different majors with experience in finance, optimization, and a variety of engineering disciplines, including electrical, computer, civil, mechanical, and aerospace. Additionally, many of our team members have prior engineering experience with building wind turbines and researching wind farm optimization techniques.

Team Hurdles

As this is our first year participating in the CWC, our team is working hard to design, build, and test our wind turbine from the ground up. This has been difficult because of the coronavirus pandemic. We have had to plan ahead to be able to effectively build and test our wind turbine. Our wind farm design team has also experienced difficulties working virtually. The lack of in-person interaction and frequent poor internet connection requires the team to come up with creative solutions to ensure virtual meetings are efficient and engaging.

Competition Objectives

As a first-year team, we hope to be able to utilize our members’ multidisciplinary expertise to build a wind turbine and design a wind farm that will exceed the competition expectations. In addition, we hope to recruit enough juniors and sophomores to carry the BYU CWC Team to future competitions.

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