Andrew Dallas, Michael Queen, Jason Cho, Andrew Jones, Matthew Blair, Kevin Chung, Team Adviser: Dr. James Baeder


The Wind Terpines

2017 UPDATE: 

The Maryland Wind TERPines team has focused on simplifying and streamlining their turbine this year. From the 2016 competition, the team learned that reducing the amount of variables which affect performance will improve robustness and turbine performance. The team has also learned more areas and techniques for analysis which will power their turbine’s success. The team looks to build upon their past performance and continue to develop the future of clean energy technology.


Team members are participating in this competition for a multitude of reasons. Some students are participating for the hands-on learning of designing a working turbine model. Other students are participating because they are passionate about renewable energy and are looking for networking opportunities because they want to pursue future careers in the industry. Other students are participating for the interdisciplinary experience of working on a cross-functional team of both engineering and business students, which reflects what working in the real world will be like.


The team's turbine entry is a horizontal-axis wind turbine with passive flow augmentation and blade pitching designed to enhance cut-in speed and power production. The turbine is engineered for the needs of an agricultural market in developing countries for which safety, reliability, and low cost are the primary guiding needs.