Jason Kuwada, Shreya Timilsina, Anthony Gianforcaro , Daylon Black, Kitt Connor, Kevin Barreto and Mohammad Aldaihani

Team name:

MBE Broncos

Why wind? 

The wide range of applications for wind energy has the potential to change the way the world works and students want to play role in having a positive impact on the future of renewable energy. Students also joined the competition because they believe it will be a great opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team and practice real-world skills to work on preparing for future interactions in the business world.  

Project description:

This project consists of a wind turbine design task developed for a market that is determined by the business team. The team is tasked with designing the wind turbine and the load for the application market and with competing its design against other universities. For the application of the load, the team is considering a pump attached to a water filtration system that can service many areas where freshwater is not common. The leading idea for the design of the load is for the wind turbine to power a pump that moves dirty water to a tank where it will go through a gravity-fed filter and be stored in a larger tank for large-scale use. The intent is to have enough freshwater storage that during periods of time where wind is not available, there would be plenty of water for use.