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Zero Energy Ready Home: A Better Experience!
Video courtesy of the Department of Energy

Zero Energy Ready Homes offer a superior homeowner experience. These homes live better, work better, and last longer because the Zero Energy Ready Home program requirements combine the best of building science with the latest technologies and systems, innovative building practices, and risk management solutions to offer you complete peace of mind.  

Every certified Zero Energy Ready Home:

  • provides $10,000s of utility bill savings over the life of a mortgage
  • takes comfy and cozy to whole new level
  • breathes better with a comprehensive package of indoor air quality features
  • includes the peace-of-mind that comes from complete top-to-bottom water protection
  • works and lasts better with ENERGY STAR® products throughout the home
  • ensures quality with independent verification, testing, and diagnostics
  • is future ready with construction that meets and exceeds future codes



View Zero Energy Ready Homes across the country on the DOE Tour of Zero!


Hear from homeowners and builders about their Zero Energy Ready Home experience!

The Zero Difference

Learn more about the various attributes that go into every Zero Energy Ready Home!

Ultra Efficient

Efficient Bars for ZERH

By optimizing energy efficiency, homeowners can look forward to lower ownership costs and $10,000s in savings over a 30-year mortgage! Learn more >>>

Healthful Environment

Health Bars for ZERH Site

Indoor airPLUS program, providing a wide array of health benefits such as fewer allergies, odors, and mold. You deserve to breathe better! Learn more  >>


Total Comfort

Comfort bars for ZERH site

a comprehensive package of features that deliver total comfort. Look forward to even temperatures throughout the home, warm winters, cool and dry summers, and quiet from outdoor noises! Learn more >>>

Advanced Technology

advanced tech bars for zerh

Every Zero Energy Ready Home features advanced technology innovations and building systems that meet and exceed forthcoming energy codes. Invest in a home of the future, not the past! Learn more >>>

Quality Construction

quality bars for zerh

It's hard to discern complex details, technologies, and practices not visible in a finished home. Zero Energy Ready Homes provide homeowners peace-of-mind because they are held to a higher standard. Learn more >>>

Enhanced Durability

durability bars for zerh site

Zero Energy Ready Homes offer a wide array of durability benefits such as low maintenance, no window condensation, no ice damming, ease of cleaning, and just a better protected home! Learn more  >>