Space Type Eligibility

Multifamily buildings with any number of stories. Townhouses (only allowed using the ERI path, not the Prescriptive path).


National Requirements

DOE is developing a new ZERH program version that will allow dwelling units in all multifamily residential buildings (including high-rise) to qualify for ZERH certification upon release, and to qualify for the 45L tax credit beginning January 1, 2024. DOE released a draft version of the ZERH Multifamily Version 2 program requirements on March 31st, 2023, for a 45-day public comment period which closed on May 15th, 2023. 

This summary of major changes from ZERH Version 1 to ZERH Multifamily Version 2 is provided to partners as a brief summary of the DRAFT requirements posted below. 

DRAFT ZERH Multifamily Version 2 Program Documents:

ZERH Multifamily Version 2 National Program Requirements DRAFT (March 2023)

ZERH Multifamily Version 2 Rater Checklist DRAFT (March 2023)

ZERH Multifamily Version 2 EV-Ready Checklist DRAFT (March 2023)

ZERH Multifamily Version 2 PV-Ready Checklist DRAFT (March 2023)

ZERH Multifamily Version 2 ERI Target Procedure DRAFT (March 2023)


If you want to get started with ZERH MF V2, take a look at ESMFNC V1.2 and IAP V1(Rev 4)

California Requirements

Specifications under development by DOE. Please check back for updates.

Policy Record

Policy record updates will appear here as they are developed following the program's release.