The Technology Performance Exchange (TPEx) is a web-based portal that allows technology manufacturers, evaluators, utilities, consumers, modelers, and researchers to share building-related product energy performance data. The TPEx uses documents termed data entry forms to preemptively define the minimum product-specific energy performance characteristics necessary to evaluate a product's energy use.

Characterization of products via their intrinsic energy performance data reduces the need for extensive (and often duplicative) field testing and can help utilities, government organizations, and private-sector companies reduce the time and cost necessary to evaluate a given technology. This project helps the U.S. energy-efficiency technology market by enabling product manufacturers and testers to easily provide the market with transparent product performance data. TPEx users can leverage this data to (1) identify promising new products and technologies, (2) reduce analysis time and cost, and (3) improve confidence in project savings estimates before moving forward with procurement.

The TPEx accepts data across 17 technology categories ranging from photovoltaic modules to variable refrigerant flow units. To learn more and leverage this exciting new resource, visit the Technology Performance Exchange.

The TPEx is a collaboration between the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) and Building Technologies Office as well as the Bonneville Power Administration.