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BTO Sensors & Controls Sub-Program
This simplified EnergyPlus model and supervisory control interface (bottom) are used to develop a dataset of simulated faults to complement physical data from the Flexible Research Platform (top right) and FLEXLAB (top left) for AFDD algorithm evaluation.

Sensors monitor operating conditions of buildings and building equipment (e.g., temperature, air flow, and daylight levels), device controllers process these measurements, and actuators perform the appropriate actions (e.g., adjust temperature, air flow, light) to maintain desired settings.   Collectively, sensors and controls (S&C) serve as the operational backbone of cyber-physical systems for building energy management, enabling BTO’s overall energy savings goals through the minimization of preventable energy losses and additional optimization of environmental and equipment parameters.

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Current Projects

Technical Reports

Emerging Technologies Research and Development: DRAFT Opportunities for Innovations in Sensors and Controls for Building Energy Management
Sensors, actuators, and controllers, which collectively serve as the backbone of cyberphysical systems for building energy management, are one of the
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Overview of Existing and Future Residential Use Cases for Connected Thermostats

This joint Emerging Technologies and Residential Buildings Integration report is intended to help inform future technology deployment opportunities...

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Impacts of Commercial Building Controls on Energy Savings and Peak Load Reduction
This study investigated the potential energy savings from implementation of 34 basic and advanced controls measures and eliminating common faults...
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Sensors and Controls Reports
Reports from the sensors, controls, and transactional network program.
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