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The BuildSimHub value proposition.
BuildSimHub provides cloud-based model-management and energy modeling services. This phase I project will add capabilities to interpret and manage simulation results and diagnostic messages.

Lead Performer: BuildSimHub – Wexford, PA

DOE Total Funding: $148,141

Project Term: July 02, 2018 – May 02, 2019

Funding Type: Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase I Release 2

Related Projects: EnergyPlus, OpenStudio

Project Objective

BuildSimHub is a cloud-based collaborative project management, change management, and quality management system for energy modeling projects. BuildSimHub is based on the GIT engine (the engine within the popular source code management service GitHub) and currently supports both EnergyPlus and OpenStudio projects. BuildSimHub already supports semantic editing and change tracking and a number of other high-level features.  BuildSimHub proposes to extend BuildSimHub with: i) features that interpret, track, and manage simulation diagnostics, warnings, and errors; ii) cloud-based simulation that can be deployed into various workflows via API; and iii) calibration support.

Project Impact

The proposal targets BEM professionals such as architects, engineers, and energy consultants with an integrated collaboration, project management, quality assurance, and simulation platform that can be plugged into existing tools and workflows. The proposed service will be viable standalone or as an enterprise backbone to other applications and services.