Headshot for Hayes Jones.

Hayes Jones is the program manager for the Commercial Buildings Integration team. The CBI team works to increase energy efficiency and decarbonization of commercial buildings. CBI works to increase voluntary adoption of energy-efficient technologies and practices in commercial buildings, serving as a critical “market stimulation” and “market feedback” link between BTO’s Emerging Technologies and Codes and Standards programs. CBI demonstrates and deploys replicable and scalable solutions through testing, demonstration, and deployment of turnkey energy-efficiency and climate-responsive technology packages, scaled in partnership with community-level organizations.

Before coming to BTO, Hayes served as the program manager for Resilience, Security and Agency Engagement for the Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP). In this role, she led a team focused on developing resources for security of facility-related control systems and developing a systematic approach to agency and site resilience planning that helps organizations assess current infrastructure against risk and prioritize solutions for implementation.

Hayes has been with DOE for 13 years, serving in various roles in FEMP in operations, budget, and communications. She holds a master's degree in environmental management and a bachelor's degree from Duke University.