The files on this page contain commercial reference building models for new construction, organized by building type and location. These U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reference buildings are complete descriptions for whole building energy analysis. You can also return to a summary of building types and climate zones and information about other building vintages.

These files are updated regularly and comply with ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA Standard 90.1-2004. For more information about standards, visit the ASHRAE Web site. There are two versions of these files on this page. Version 1.3_5.0 was updated September 27, 2010 and Version 1.4_7.2 was updated November 13, 2012.

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The DOE reference buildings, in ZIP files, are by building type and climate zone. The ZIP files contain the following:

  • An EnergyPlus software input file (.idf)
  • An html file showing the results from the EnergyPlus simulation (.html)
  • For ZIP files by building type, a "scorecard" spreadsheet that summarizes the inputs and results for each location (.xlsx)
  • For ZIP files by climate zone, the EnergyPlus TMY2 weather file (.epw).
  • For version 1.4, only the IDF file is included.

Reference Buildings by Building Type

In addition to the ZIP file for each building type, you can directly view the "scorecard" spreadsheet that summarizes the inputs and results for each location. This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is also included in the ZIP file. For version 1.4, only the IDF file is included.

Building TypeVersion 1.3_5.0
updated 9/27/10
Version 1.4_7.2
updated 11/13/12
Large officeZIPZIP
Medium officeZIPZIP
Small officeZIPZIP
Stand-alone retailZIPZIP
Strip mallZIPZIP
Primary schoolZIPZIP
Secondary schoolZIPZIP
Quick service restaurantZIPZIP
Full service restaurantZIPZIP
Outpatient health careZIPZIP
Small HotelZIPZIP
Large HotelZIPZIP
Midrise ApartmentZIPZIP


Reference Buildings by Climate Zone and Representative City

Climate ZoneVersion 1.3_5.0
updated 9/27/10
Version 1.4_7.2
updated 11/13/12
1A Miami, FloridaZIPZIP
2A Houston, TexasZIPZIP
2B Phoenix, ArizonaZIPZIP
3A Atlanta, GeorgiaZIPZIP
3B Los Angeles, CaliforniaZIPZIP
3B Las Vegas, NevadaZIPZIP
3C San Francisco, CaliforniaZIPZIP
4A Baltimore, MarylandZIPZIP
4B Albuquerque, New MexicoZIPZIP
4C Seattle, WashingtonZIPZIP
5A Chicago, IllinoisZIPZIP
5B Boulder, ColoradoZIPZIP
6A Minneapolis, MinnesotaZIPZIP
6B Helena, MontanaZIPZIP
7 Duluth, MinnesotaZIPZIP
8 Fairbanks, AlaskaZIPZIP


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