The National Emerging Technologies Collaborative (NETC) is the DOE Building Technology Office’s vehicle to convene, inform, and align industry, researchers, funding entities, and decision makers to address the nation’s most pressing building energy technology research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) needs and to drive market transformation.

Who is Participating in NETC?
NETC is building its base of participants and collaborators to involve a diverse range of stakeholders in its activities.
The NETC Strategy
The purpose of NETC is to prioritize decarbonization in new and existing residential and commercial buildings through increased energy efficiency and greener fuel options while ensuring optimal occupant comfort.
NETC Working Groups
Deep-dives on topics such as commercial building decarbonization, building envelope retrofits, and grid edge decarbonization.
Building Technologies Quarterly Report
A report highlighting key technologies, research, funding, market trends, and other relevant industry updates.

National Emerging Technologies Collaborative Repository

Coming soon!

Explore the NETC Repository of project information, funding sources from across the U.S., and more! This interactive dashboard lets you search, filter, and download select information, and links users to relevant organizations and project data of interest.

Screenshot of the NETC Repository.

Learn About NETC’s Events

Stay tuned for more information about upcoming NETC events.