Building America Successes 2016-Present

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Building America successes highlight projects that support the home building industry in creating more energy-efficient, healthier, and longer lasting homes. Expert research teams lead laboratory and field projects to prove advanced technologies and practices in building envelope, HVAC components, ventilation, and health and safety.

Variable capacity heat pumps.
Evaluating Moisture Control of Variable-Capacity Heat Pumps in Mechanically Ventilated, Low-Load Homes in Climate Zone 2A
This Building America project identified several space-conditioning issues unique to high-performance homes that impact energy use and comfort.
Attic retrofits using nail-base insulated panels.
Attic Retrofits Using Nail-Base Insulated Panels
This project explored the development and demonstration of a roof/attic energy retrofit solution using nail-base insulated panels for existing homes.
Extended plate and beam wall system.
Extended Plate and Beam Wall System
Home Innovation Research Labs studied the extended plate and beam wall system to determine the wall’s structural performance and more.
Duct system evaluations.
Plug-and-Play Duct System Evaluation
This project sought to address an existing need in the home building industry for innovative new approaches to space-conditioning technology.
Smart whole house testing.
Field and Laboratory Testing of Approaches to Smart Whole-House Mechanical Ventilation Control
This project developed and tested three approaches for “smart” ventilation controls to boost energy efficiency and indoor air quality.
Illustration of high-r wall systems.
Moisture Performance of High-R Wall Systems
This research examined the moisture characteristics of high-R wall systems to guide solutions for lower costs and more energy-efficient homes.
Ventilation integrated comfort systems.
Development of a Ventilation Integrated Comfort System (VICS)
Steven Winter Associates have developed a fully integrated, smart space conditioning and ventilation solution for low-load dwellings.
Photo of a hose spraying on a home.
Aerosol Envelope Sealing in New Construction
In this project, researchers sought to optimize the integration of aerosol enveloping-sealing technology into the construction process.
Insulation wall on an affordable house.
Integrated Design: A High-Performance Solution for Affordable Housing
This project developed low-cost, highly efficient comfort system designs to enable homes in two of the largest affordable housing market segments.
Photo of the interior of a home with a mini-split heat pump.
Integrated HVAC Control Methods for Supplemental High Efficiency Mini-Split Heat Pumps in Existing Homes
This project refined a new approach to using mini-split heat pumps in existing homes.