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The Home Improvement Catalyst (HI Cat) is a DOE initiative focused on high-impact opportunities to achieve energy savings in home improvements already planned or being undertaken by homeowners. The home improvement market represents $150 billion in annual investment, with over 14 million projects that involve replacement or upgrades of heating and cooling systems, windows, siding and roofs, insulation and other measures.  HI Cat conducts R&D that catalyzes innovations in home improvement retrofit technologies and their integration with existing homes systems. HI Cat concentrates on new solutions and approaches for trade contractors to help homeowners take action to save energy and achieve additional benefits such as greater comfort, health, durability, and value.  

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Our Research
HI Cat is conducting focused research on leading-edge technologies in the residential market.
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Home Improvement Catalyst Plan
This plan shows the Home Improvement Catalyst (HI Cat) strategy and framework.
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Want to know more about the latest innovations for home energy upgrades?
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Learn how this program is helping improve the performance and energy efficiency of HVAC systems, while helping local contractor businesses grow.
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Explore advanced HVAC solutions and learn about the latest research and innovations to support high performing equipment and installation practices.

For more information about how to participate in HI Cat development and demonstration opportunities, contact DOE Project Manager Steve Dunn,