Achieving DOE’s high-level goals of combating climate change, creating clean energy union jobs, and promoting energy justice, requires improving the energy efficiency of America’s nearly 130 million buildings. The Building Technologies Office (BTO) is dedicated to growing the American workforce that manufactures, deploys, installs, and repairs efficient building technologies in residential and commercial buildings. BTO envisions a nationally representative building efficiency workforce of sufficient size, skill, and compensation to carry out an equitable transition of America’s buildings infrastructure to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions no later than 2050.

BTO Workforce in Action

Current Workforce Projects
Learn more about BTO’s competitively awarded workforce projects.
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Better Buildings Workforce Development Resources
Find trainings, job opportunities, and professional credentials in green building workforce.
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Reports and Resources
Stay up-to-date with BTO-supported resources and publications.
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Building Science Education Solution Center
Learn how to incorporate green building objectives into your educational curricula.
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Clean Energy Jobs
EERE is looking for enthusiastic, driven professionals to join our team and be Clean Energy Champions.
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DOE Workforce
View resources on this page to see offerings for workforce development for online learning resources, experiential learning, research opportunities,
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