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Here you will find past versions of the commercial reference building models for existing buildings constructed before 1980, organized by building type and location. A summary of building types and climate zones is available for reference. Current versions are also available.

Archived Reference Buildings

By Building Type

Building TypeVersion 1.2_4.0
updated 3/12/10
Large office(ZIP 2.3 MB)
Medium office(ZIP 2.2 MB)
Small office(ZIP 1.4 MB)
Warehouse(ZIP 980 KB)
Stand-alone retail(ZIP 2 MB)
Strip mall(ZIP 2.3 MB)
Primary school(ZIP 2.7 MB)
Secondary school(ZIP 3.9 MB)
Supermarket(ZIP 2.2 MB)
Quick service restaurant(ZIP 1.1 MB)
Full service restaurant(ZIP 1 MB)
Hospital(ZIP 4.7 MB)
Outpatient health care(ZIP 7.7 MB)
Small hotel(ZIP 4.7 MB)
Large hotel(ZIP 2.7 MB)
Midrise apartment(ZIP 2.6 MB)

By Climate Zone

Climate ZoneVersion 1.2_4.0
updated 3/12/10
1A Miami, Florida(ZIP 2.2 MB)
2A Houston, Texas(ZIP 2.2 MB)
2B Phoenix, Arizona(ZIP 2.2 MB)
3A Atlanta, Georgia(ZIP 2.3 MB)
3B Los Angeles, California(ZIP 2.2 MB)
3B Las Vegas, Nevada(ZIP 2.3 MB)
3C San Francisco, California(ZIP 2.2 MB)
4A Baltimore, Maryland(ZIP 2.3 MB)
4B Albuquerque, New Mexico(ZIP 2.2 MB)
4C Seattle, Washington(ZIP 2.2 MB)
5A Chicago, Illinois(ZIP 2.2 MB)
5B Boulder, Colorado(ZIP 2.2 MB)
6A Minneapolis, Minnesota(ZIP 2.2 MB)
6B Helena, Montana(ZIP 2.2 MB)
7 Duluth, Minnesota(ZIP 2.1 MB)
8 Fairbanks, Alaska(ZIP 2 MB)

Other Files

Climate ZoneVersion 1.2_4.0
updated 3/12/10
TMY2 Weather Data(ZIP 3.7 MB)
Summary of Changes 
Energy Use Intensities(PDF 109 KB)