The goal of the Challenge specifications is to advance the performance of CCHP technologies above the performance of best-in-class products today, while also meeting consumer and stakeholder expectations. The performance specifications were developed based on a review of current CCHP performance data from the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships database and discussions with several manufacturers on technology opportunities and limitations.

The Challenge is currently focused on residential, centrally ducted, electric-only HPs. The Challenge has two segments: one for a CCHP optimized for 5°F (-15°C) operation (“5°F challenge”) and the other for a CCHP optimized for -15°F (-26°C) operation (“-15°F challenge”). Manufacturers can choose to participate in either one or both segments of the Challenge. The performance specifications would exceed current products on the market today and will aim to meet a 2024 commercialization timeline.

The Challenge also has requirements for employing a low GWP refrigerant, providing grid interactivity and incorporating electric heat staging.  

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