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ZERH Webinar: Voice of the Builder - Hot-Dry Climate video
Video courtesy of the Department of Energy

There are a select group of leading builders across the country that are delivering a superior homeowner experience with Zero Energy Ready Homes. What business factors drove them to lead, when others wait and watch? What technical solutions allowed them to cost-effectively achieve rigorous guidelines for outstanding home-performance? What marketing messages, tools, and strategies enable them to effectively engage home buyers? What mistakes have they made that you need to avoid? What plans for the future do they have based on all that they have learned? 

Don’t miss the answer to these and other questions about the future of housing as the U.S. Department of Energy invites some of its best builder partners and Housing Innovation Award winners from the Zero Energy Ready Home program to share their story with you. For this session, you will be treated to a sampling of Southwestern builders including Mandalay Homes and Palo Duro who will show some of the keys to their success!


Geoff Ferrell, Mandalay Homes

Tom Wade, Palo Duro

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