Lead Performer: Newport Partners – Davidsonville, MD
-- Newport Ventures – Schenectady, NY
-- Eversource – Boston, MA
DOE Total Funding: $491,870
Cost Share: $178,087
Project Term: June 2020 – June 2023
Funding Type: Advanced Building Construction FOA Award

Project Objective

Relative to the building energy codes and standards from 15 years ago, modern codes have significantly increased efficiency in residential and commercial buildings. However, adopting the latest energy codes alone is not sufficient to prepare today’s building industry into a future-focused workforce of builders, contractors, designers, code officials and other critical industry stakeholders. Education and training on new energy technologies and efficiency practices is critical to increase stakeholder awareness, demystify design and application of new technologies, and clearly illustrate lessons learned and the business case for advanced systems.

To address these concerns, the project team will deliver an interactive and highly visual training curriculum with actionable information about advanced energy technologies, building science, and design and construction insights. The training will span introductory, intermediate, and advanced levels and will present a suite of technologies and building practices. The team will develop multiple variations of the training for different audience types (e.g., trades, code officials, builders, trade school professors), different formats (in-person training, webinars), and different building types (new and existing residential, commercial, and multifamily construction).

Project Impact

This project will support thousands of builders, contractors, designers, and building officials in better understanding and integrating new energy technologies into building projects. By establishing a workforce trained on comprehensive energy and building science concepts, this project has the potential to enhance career path options for energy-efficiency professionals and even help revitalize industries such as construction management, trades, and code enforcement, which are currently challenged by an aging and transitioning workforce.


DOE Technology Manager: Jeremy Williams, Jeremy.Williams@ee.doe.gov  
Lead Performers:
Joe Nebbia, Newport Partners
Margo Thompson, Newport Ventures

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