The Building Technologies Office’s (BTO’s) Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program has launched an interactive online resource that lets you explore a real home that’s been evaluated to improve energy performance, save money on energy costs, reduce carbon emissions, and improve comfort and health. In this interactive tour, visitors can click on locations around the home to learn how making big or small improvements can help the entire home work better and operate more efficiently.

Visit Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Interactive Virtual Home Tour

  • Click on the windows, doors, and foundation of the home to learn more about the ways to save energy through improvements to the home envelope.
  • Click on various appliances to learn how choosing ENERGY STAR-rated appliances can save you money.
  • Learn how the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, home fans, and thermostat work together, in conjunction with air-sealing and insulation of the home, to efficiently heat and cool living spaces.
  • You’ll even learn how something as simple as changing your light bulbs can make a difference and save money on utility costs. 

Since 2001, BTO’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program (HPwES) has been a trusted source that helps contractors and energy programs deliver home energy upgrades. These upgrades make American homes safer, healthier, and more energy efficient. The HPwES program connects homeowners with experienced and trusted contractors that help them understand their home’s energy use and identify home improvements that increase energy performance, improve comfort and health, and lower utility bills. Through the program’s network of 32 utility and nonprofit sponsors and 1,300 home performance contractors, Home Performance with ENERGY STAR has upgraded over 1 million homes across the country.

Participating HPwES contractors use sophisticated equipment to assess a home’s energy use and identify any health and safety issues. These experts also recommend and perform energy improvements such as air-sealing, installing insulation to fix drafty and uncomfortable rooms, and replacing old equipment with high-efficiency heating and cooling systems. Local program sponsors qualify all contractors that participate in HPwES and independently verify the quality of contractors’ work. Homeowners can feel confident in their contractor’s recommendations and in the effectiveness of the home improvements they pay for.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home’s energy performance, consider using this new interactive online resource to tour a “finished” home, reading our short Guide to Getting Started, or finding a qualified contractor in the tour’s resource section and get started today! Low-income households may also qualify for free weatherization assistance. For more information about services you may qualify for, contact your state weatherization agency or your local utility.