Lead Performer: Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Oak Ridge, TN
-- Dow Chemical - Midland, MI
-- 3M - Maplewood, MN
-- China Academy of Building Research - Beijing, China
-- Kelong Institution - China
DOE Funding: $355,000
Cost Share: $850,000
Project Term: January 2013 - December 2015

Project Objective

In the United States, 2.85 quads and 1.29 quads of energy are lost annually through residential and commercial buildings’ envelopes, respectively. This project aims to develop and demonstrate new air sealing technologies for residential and commercial buildings that have the potential to reduce that energy loss at an installed cost that is less than current technologies. Current products are not cost-effective because of the time and cost required to install them. These products are also often incorrectly installed because of complicated and costly installation procedures. Two pre-commercial technologies that require less time to install are a sprayable liquid flashing produced by Dow and a primer-less self-adhered membrane produced by 3M.

U.S.-China Partnership Project

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DOE Technology Manager: Karma Sawyer
Performer: Diana Hun, Oak Ridge National Laboratory