Lead Performer: VoltServer Inc. – East Greenwich, RI
DOE Total Funding: $999,122
Project Term: July 28, 2015 – January 27, 2018
Funding Opportunity: FY2015 Phase II Release 2 SBIR Awards

Project Objective

This project will demonstrate a novel approach to reduce cost of solid-state lighting ownership by 35% by simultaneously reducing installation cost, energy use, and lamp replacement. The successful Phase I effort demonstrated replacement of conventional low-efficiency driver circuitry with a high-efficiency, high-reliability, centralized Packet Energy Transfer (PET) power-supply design that improved conversion efficiency to 90% while also providing individual luminaire control and network communications. Phase II will further increase conversion efficiency to 93% and will be integrated into two commercial luminaire designs both certified as a Class 2 Power Limited Circuits. The resulting luminaire products can therefore be installed without conduit and with limited licensed-electrician involvement, thereby dramatically reducing installation costs while adding installation and reconfiguration flexibility.

Project Impact

The initial products resulting from this two-year effort will target linear fluorescent luminaires in offices and high-bay installations, which represent nearly 50% of the present luminaire market. The proposed approach will leverage the company’s novel and intrinsically safe method for distributing high-voltage direct-current (DC) power using simple CAT-5 wiring ubiquitous in U.S. buildings that is highly efficient and capable of embedding data signals directly onto the power distribution channel.


DOE Technology Manager: James Brodrick
Lead Performer: Steven Eaves, VoltServer