Or, well maybe not that long ago and a little closer to home ... two federal programs with building sustainability and efficiency goals in mind came together in a partnership that would blossom from idea into a new valuable and efficient initiative benefiting both private and public sector entities. In late 2015, based on a good idea and about a year of planning, DOE and GSA launched a new technology demonstration initiative that spans work by both agencies. This joint technology demonstration opportunity is designed to expand our understanding of, and support for, new sustainable and energy-saving technologies. Together we can accelerate the transition of high-impact technologies from early commercialization to adoption by both private sector and federal buildings, ultimately leading to actualization of energy cost savings that help us meet our respective missions.

It all started with a Request for Information (RFI) targeted at specific technology areas prioritized through the High Impact Technology Catalyst. The RFI was released in October with responses due in December. Throughout December, January, and February we, along with core expertise from the National Laboratories, reviewed and evaluated and discussed the technologies and submissions, using criteria laid out in the RFI:  (1)  Innovation, (2) Performance/Energy Savings, (3) Deployment Potential, (4)  Costs/Savings, (5)  Project Value (how much would a demonstration help?), and (6) Technical Risk. In March, we assembled a group of subject matter experts for a session to seek feedback and clarifications on promising demonstration. Our next steps included the recruitment of commercial and federal sites to host promising demonstrations, development of methodology and scope to verify technology performance, getting the equipment installed, commissioned, baselined. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we measured and wrote up results to quantify and share the technologies' performance.

In the meantime, stay tuned to the High Impact Technology HQ for opportunities to host demonstrations and to access newly published demonstration reports.

Sam Petty
Sam Petty is a management and program analyst within BTO’s Commercial Buildings Integration program. His work at BTO focuses on the Efficient and Healthy Schools, along with programmatic support for embodied carbon research and for the HVAC&R subprogram.
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