Collage of circle photos of building exteriors connected by lines, with the headline wording, "2030 District Networks."

Lead Performer: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory – Berkeley, CA
- Architecture 2030 – Santa Fe, NM
- Cleveland 2030 District – Cleveland, OH
- Green Building Alliance/Pittsburgh 2030 District – Pittsburgh, PA
- Seattle 2030 District – Seattle, WA
- Prospect Silicon Valley / City of San Jose – San Jose, CA
- Arizona State University – Phoenix, AZ
- Emerging 2030 Districts – Ann Arbor, MI; Detroit, MI; San Antonio, TX; Ithaca, NY; Portland, OR; Grand Rapids, MI
DOE Total Funding: $2,000,000
Cost Share: $2,000,000
Project Term: October 1, 2013 – September 30, 2016
Funding Opportunity: Commercial Energy Efficiency Solutions (Small Commercial Buildings) 2013 CBI FOA DE-FOA-0000829

Project Objective

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is partnering with Architecture 2030 to develop a 2030 District program for small commercial office and retail buildings, including a technical toolkit that provides guidance and resources for building owners and operators. The guidance will include best practices on service agreements, financing, and partnerships that can lower transaction costs for small commercial projects. Program guidance will come from lessons learned and best practices of existing 2030 District partners , as well as strategic relationships administered at the District Network level, and include metrics, models, and leadership on options to lower transaction costs to small commercial projects.

Project Impact

At its initial stage, the project will impact 25 to 40 buildings across the current fleet of 2030 Districts, including Seattle, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and the San Francisco area. By 2015, the project expects to support five to 10 new 2030 Districts nationwide. The project plans to deliver a suite of technical tools, identifying cost-effective energy efficiency strategies to achieve a minimum of 20% energy savings per site, an estimated savings of 11-20 million kBtu/yr.


DOE Technology Manager: Priya Swamy
Lead Performer: Cindy Regnier, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

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