Lead Performer: MoJo Labs Inc. – Longmont, CO
DOE Total Funding: $992,918
Project Term: July 28, 2015 – January 27, 2018
Funding Opportunity: FY2015 Phase II Release 2 SBIR Awards

Project Objective

The novel solid-state lighting control architecture successfully demonstrated during the Phase I effort produced a product called the RiteBriteTM, which uses a patent-pending technology called Task-to-Wall (TTW) Translation. It provides light-intensity control at the task location without sensing the lighting level at the same location, daylight sensing with an external photosensor, spectral control of resultant electric and natural light, and very simple installation commissioning and operation that uses ubiquitous digital personal devices for advanced individual user controls and scheduling. Using state-of-the-art Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE) RF communication, TTW sensing, and control technology that easily enables energy savings via daylighting, the RiteBrite architecture works with any personal device running iOS, Android, or Windows 8, using a special bridge that also allows analog products – such as existing SSL and legacy products that use 0-10 volt dimming – to be used immediately with the RiteBrite system along with a host of more-advanced digital lighting products currently offered by a wide variety of manufacturers.

Project Impact

Significantly, this unique control strategy leverages the ambient light-sensing capability made possible by smart personal devices (phones and tablets) when used in harmony with the company’s RiteBrite products to enable additional 33% energy conservation than would otherwise be possible.


DOE Technology Manager: James Brodrick
Lead Performer: Morgan Jones, MoJo Labs