Lead Performer: City of Seattle – Seattle, WA


-- Smart Buildings Center – Seattle, WA

-- University of Washington Integrated Design Lab – Seattle, WA               

-- Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) – Richland, WA

DOE Total Funding: $1,358,171

Cost Share: $2,441,928

Funding Type: Solutions to Improve the Energy Efficiency of U.S. Small and Medium Commercial Buildings (DE-FOA-0001385)


The City of Seattle will engage with building owners, managers, and service providers to develop market expertise to train local building operations professionals to more effectively tune up existing buildings. This will accelerate the implementation of energy efficient improvements in Seattle’s small-medium commercial buildings, buildings that will be subject to pending mandatory tune-ups in 2020. City energy costs will reduce by $1.5 million annually.


Improving workforce development will create a pool of trained service providers for small-medium commercial buildings. Professionals will tune up 70-80 buildings with 10-20% energy savings, and complete capital retrofits to 20-30 buildings providing 35% energy savings, for a total of 1 billion kBtu annual savings. Energy-saving methods will be evaluated to use the most cost-effective measures to refine the regulatory requirements for Seattle’s tune-up law.


DOE Technology Manager: Priya Swamy

Lead Performer: City of Seattle