Lead Performer: Alaska Housing Finance Corp. – Anchorage, AK
DOE Total Funding: $348,000
Cost Share: $87,000
Funding Type: FOA Award

Project Objective

The objective of this project is to improve building efficiency in Alaska through a cost-effective and scalable hands-on building monitoring (BMON) training based on region-specific concerns. The training will use a standard set of robust, low-cost sensors and the BMON software to enable informed building staff. The ultimate goal is to leave communities with a long-term energy-efficiency building monitoring and corrective maintenance system that is well understood and documented for individuals that are responsible for the operation and maintenance of public facilities.

To accomplish this vision, the project team will create a training program for building owners, operators, and contractors that focuses on building assessments, operations and maintenance, and technology integration. Building and maintenance staff will then be trained on the installation and usage of the BMON application in non-urbanized areas of Alaska. By connecting critical maintenance staff to real-time building information, inefficiencies will be more easily identified and corrected.

Participants will be responsible for presenting the results of their training to decision makers in their communities to complete certification. The certification will also include a follow-up with trainees in a mentorship style to ensure that participants have the support and understanding to implement best practices.

Project Impact

The ability to understand how energy is consumed will give building operators a powerful tool to reduce energy use and therefore contribute more to their community by freeing funds that were previously allocated for operating costs. This workforce development project will lead to improved building operations and enhanced energy efficiency that will benefit occupant health and comfort, increase energy savings, and improve the life expectancy of these public buildings.


DOE Technology Manager: Madeline Salzman
Lead Performer: Michael Spencer, Alaska Housing Finance Corp.