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The webinar on Nov. 18, 2014, continued the series on strategies to improve the performance of HVAC systems for low load homes and home performance retrofits. Presenters and specific topics for this webinar included:

  • William Zoeller, Consortium for Advanced Residential Retrofit (CARB), presented Design Options for Locating Ducts within Conditioned Space. The presentation provided an overview of the technical aspects of buried and encapsulated duct systems as well as the advantages and disadvantages of these systems compared to alternative strategies. View the presentation.
  • Dave Mallay, Partnership for Home Innovation (PHI), presenting Compact Buried Ducts. Dave discussed buried ducts and design considerations, the compact duct concept, results of field testing and monitoring, and alternative solutions for air sealing and insulating the ducts. View the presentation.
  • Jordan Dentz, Advanced Residential Integrated Energy Solutions (ARIES), and Francis Conlin, High Performance Building Solutions, Inc., presenting Air Distribution Retrofit Strategies for Affordable Housing. This presentation reviewed a project with two retrofit duct sealing techniques—manually-applied sealants and injecting a spray sealant—that were implemented in several low-rise multi-unit buildings. Jordan and Francis also reviewed the comparative results of the two methods in terms of reduction in duct leakage to the outside, cost, energy savings and payback. View the presentation.

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