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The webinar is the second in the series on designing and constructing high performance building enclosures, and will focus on effective strategies to address moisture and thermal needs.

  • Peter Baker, Building Science Corporation, will discuss results of 3 years of laboratory and field exposure testing that examined the development of the system deflection resistance capacity and long-term movement of assemblies in exposed outdoor environments. The results have been used to help validate and develop system attachment guidelines for various cladding assemblies. View the presentation.
  • Vladimir Kochkin, Partnership for Home Innovation, will focus on three new opportunities for advanced framing practices, including: continuous drywall at interior partitions; rim header; and high heel truss attachment. These new approaches have been engineered and tested by the Home Innovation Research Labs in order to improve thermal performance of the building enclosure, reduce the cost of energy-efficient construction, and simplify the construction process, all while accommodating higher levels of insulation. The presentation will include lessons learned from field applications. View the presentation.
  • Lois Arena, Consortium for Advanced Residential Buildings, will discuss the challenge of moisture problems within the building shell that can be caused by excess interior moisture, bulk water intrusion, capillary action from concrete to wood connections, and through wetted building materials such as siding from rain splash back. Results of WUFI modeling and actual data collected from monitored high-R wall assembles will be presented, along with recommendations for best practices. View the presentation.