Line graph showing before retrofit and after retrofit: Automated M&V from Noesis.

Automated M&V from Noesis

Lead Performer: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) – Berkeley, CA
Project Partners:
-- Quantum Energy Services & Technology
-- Pacific Gas & Electric
-- Consortium for Energy Efficiency
FY16 DOE Funding: $410,000
Project Term: November 1, 2013 – September 30, 2018
Funding Type: Direct Lab Funding
Project Website:


Current evaluation measurement and verification (EM&V) processes are costly, time-consuming, and produce inconsistent results. LBNL is addressing these factors by studying the use of advanced M&V methods for energy efficiency projects that use automation and hourly or better data to produce results that can be faster, and more reliable. This is part of an emerging set of approaches collectively known as M&V 2.0. LBNL is testing the accuracy of these M&V 2.0 methods, and engaging energy efficiency professionals to document examples of M&V 2.0 in use. Additionally, LBNL is working with utility stakeholders to develop acceptance criteria for M&V methods.


The growing availability of interval energy use data together with the rapid expansion of energy analytics offerings, presents tremendous promise to enable more rapid feedback about the effectiveness of energy efficiency measures and to consistently use highly accurate measurement and verification approaches in energy efficiency programs.


DOE Technology Manager: Cody Taylor
Lead Performer: Jessica Granderson, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory