Lead Performer: Confluence Communications – Missoula, MT
-- Colorado Homebuilding Academy – Denver, CO
-- Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Richland, WA
-- Building Media Inc. – Kent, WA
-- Energy and Environmental Building Alliance – Plymouth, MN
-- Community College of Aurora – Aurora, CO
-- Lane Community College – Eugene, Oregon
DOE Total Funding: $499,000
Cost Share: $154,690
Project Term: June 15, 2020  - June 15, 2023
Funding Type: Advanced Building Construction Funding Opportunity Award

Project Objective

This project will leverage existing content and infrastructure developed by the Building Technologies Office—specifically the Building America Solution Center (BASC) and the Building Science Education Solution Center (BSESC)—to provide national model programs for construction-related workforce initiatives. These tools provide a strong infrastructure for educators and energy efficiency and building science design and construction guidance, but they are not yet customized to deliver programs and content easily to educators in a manner that fits their specific instructional needs. To address these limitations, this project will develop actionable energy-focused curriculum that can be delivered within the robust framework of the BSESC and BASC. The project will work with partners to test content and curricula, and will develop materials for DOE to disseminate to other programs to use with their students.

Project Impact

This project will support workforce development initiatives by providing education and training for high school certificate program students, transitioning workers, two-year-degree construction management programs, and energy-focused continuing education programs for homebuilders. The curriculum will be scalable at the national level and has the potential to address key workforce issues impacting the building industry in the U.S.


DOE Technology Manager: Madeline Salzman  
Lead Performer: Stacy Hunt, Confluence Communications