Lead Performer: Home Innovation Research Labs Inc. – Upper Marlboro, MD
-- Goodman Manufacturing – Lorton, VA
-- Aprilaire Research Product – Madison, WI
-- Wrightsoft – Lexington, MA
-- Air Conditioning Contractors of America – Arlington, VA
-- National Association of Home Builders – Washington, DC
-- K. Hovnanian Companies – Red Bank, NJ
-- David Weekley Homes – Houston, TX
-- AB Systems LLC – Rochester, MN
DOE Total Funding: $600,000
Cost Share: $181,880
Project Term: September 2017 – September 2020
Funding Type: Funding Opportunity Award

Project Objective

The purpose of this research is to develop and demonstrate an integrated humidity and ventilation control solution to improve indoor air quality, comfort, and energy performance for low-load homes in hot-humid and mixed-humid climates. The solution strategy is based on a central air-conditioning system that is (1) specifically redesigned and optimized for "enhanced dehumidification" and (2) control-integrated and operation-coordinated with supply-type ventilation for prioritized ventilation.

Project Impact

The results of this project will simplify the transition to high-performance ventilation and humidity control systems. By relying on the central system as a starting point, the strategy will allow for optimization across all key metrics to the degree that is not possible with alternatives: eased transition across the entire value chain; reduced risk, cost to install, and cost to operate; effective humidity control and energy use, noise, and comfort. To enable standardization and broad industry impact, a secondary equipment rating based on latent load efficiency will be proposed.


DOE Technology Manager: Eric Werling
Lead Performer: Home Innovation Research Labs Inc.

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