This webpage is designed to provide guidance and answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the U.S. Department of Energy’s appliance standards program. Guidance types span all covered products and covered equipment and cover such topics as: definitions, scope of coverage, conservation standards, test procedures, certification, Compliance and Certification Management System (CCMS), and enforcement. This website offers users an easy-to-use search function for existing (draft and final) guidance and FAQs relating to the Department’s appliance regulations. In addition, it provides interested parties with the ability to submit questions to the Department.

For guidance that is posted as draft, the Department welcomes feedback from the public as it develops its final guidance. For those draft guidance documents, the Department will solicit comments from the public through this website for a period of 30 days after posting. At the end of this comment period, the Department's draft guidance may be adopted as final, revised, or withdrawn.

Please note: This website is not, however, a substitute for the Department's existing waiver or rulemaking comment processes. Therefore, all visitors are asked to refer to the documents themselves for specific instructions on submitting comments.

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