The Feedstock-Conversion Interface Consortium (FCIC) is led by a principal investigator and project manager, three DOE technology managers, eight task leads, and laboratory relationship managers from each participating lab.

Principal Investigator

Ed Wolfrum
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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Project Manager

Amie Sluiter
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
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DOE Technology Managers

Beau Hoffman
Conversion Technology Manager, Bioenergy Technologies Office
Mark Elless
Feedstock Technology Manager, Bioenergy Technologies Office

FCIC Task Leads

Jun Qu
Materials of Construction, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Yidong Xia
Materials Handling, Idaho National Laboratory
Vicki Thompson
Preprocessing, Idaho National Laboratory
Phil Laible
Low-Temperature Conversion, Argonne National Laboratory
Bryon Donohoe
Feedstock Variability, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Jim Collett
Data Integration, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Danny Carpenter
High-Temperature Conversion, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Steve Phillips
Techno-Economic Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment Tools, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Laboratory Relationship Managers

Meltem Urgun Demirtas
Argonne National Laboratory
Katy Christiansen
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Timothy Theiss
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Anthe George
Sandia National Laboratories
Richard Hess
Idaho National Laboratory
Sheila Van Cuyk
Los Alamos National Laboratory
Zia Abdullah
National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Asanga Padmaperuma
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


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