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For high-temperature biomass conversion, the Feedstock-Conversion Interface Consortium (FCIC) is developing a pyrolysis reactor process operational map. As a first principles-based tool, the map will enable biorefinery designers to build full-scale systems with predictable performance.


FCIC’s research objectives include:

  • Developing a science-based understanding required to accurately predict the effects of variable feedstock attributes and process parameters on pyrolysis product quality attributes
  • Generating an operational control map that enables reliable flow and conversion behavior in pyrolysis feeding and primary deconstruction reactors.


FCIC is coupling multiscale experimentation, modeling, and advanced product characterization approaches to accurately capture the fundamental physics and chemistry of high-temperature biomass feeding and pyrolysis reactor unit operations. This will enable quantitative prediction of critical product quality attributes.


A pyrolysis reactor process operational map will allow biorefinery design engineers and operators to optimize productivity and control critical product quality attributes with variable incoming feedstock attributes.


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