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For the biomass industry, the Feedstock-Conversion Interface Consortium (FCIC) is working to reduce feedstock variability by quantifying its range and sources.


FCIC is employing a multiscale approach to define and quantify biomass completely mixed activated sludges. It aims to understand how the structural and physicochemical attributes of cell wall architecture and tissue structure underpin flow behavior and mechanical and thermochemical deconstruction in biomass conversion.


FCIC strives to provide information, data, and tools that facilitate a better understanding of the range of biomass material attributes and how feedstock preprocessing can modify variability with well-defined critical material attributes for conversion.


Currently, the biomass industry lacks data to understand biomass critical material and quality attributes. This includes magnitude, range, and distribution along with their impact on integrated feeding, preprocessing, and conversion. Therefore, industry will benefit from this fundamental knowledge by overcoming failures caused by feedstock variability.


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