On July 21–23, 2020, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) hosted a virtual workshop to discuss how to collect and valorize underused datasets and associated knowledge, with the goal of making this information public on existing databases. This workshop attempted to connect industry scientists, data owners, and lawyers with federal government, academic, and National Laboratory representatives to shepherd valuable datasets and other knowledge to be used to maximum benefit. This effort would bolster the growing bioeconomy with industrially-relevant data across the supply chain, and result in accelerated development and utilization of biotechnologies.

The workshop aimed to accomplish the following goals:

Data Quantity/Quality

  • Generate a list of potential data sources (current or former companies, labs, etc.)
  • Discuss the most useful and available data types (including methods, operating parameters, innovations, market analyses, resource assessments, etc.)
  • Establish the best ways to measure and/or ensure quality of existing datasets (sign-off from scientists/engineers who collected it, ability to obtain missing metadata, repeatability of design, etc.)

Data Acquisition

  • Clarify the legal processes required to obtain certain types of data
  • Develop a process by which users can submit requests for data, suppliers can provide data and be compensated, and data can be uploaded to existing public databases.

Data Monetization & Valuation

  • Propose strategies to adequately determine the value of data given the extremely large number of variables (potential impact, return on investment, level of interest, number of guaranteed users, age of the data, completeness of metadata, type of data, etc.)

Note: This workshop will NOT discuss issues related to database development, data interoperability, data format, or reuse of raw data.


Please find the agenda here and the speaker bios here.


Please view all of the speaker presentations and the 3x5 open forum presentations here

Workshop Summary Report

Download the workshop summary report here.


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