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The CO2 Reduction and Upgrading for e-Fuels Consortium (CO2RUe) develops and derisks advanced technologies that use renewable electricity to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into e-fuels and commodity chemicals.

Millions of tons of CO2 are emitted annually from biorefineries and industrial sites across the United States. CO2RUe is working toward using renewable electricity to convert waste CO2 into climate-friendly "e-fuels"—a shorthand for electrofuels, which have dramatically lower land, water, and greenhouse gas footprints compared to fossil fuels.

Discover CO2RUe goals to turn waste COinto a solution for decarbonizing fuels and chemicals.

CO2RUe Leadership Team

CO2RUe is led by two BETO technology managers and two national laboratory leads. The consortium is also guided by external and internal advisory boards. Learn more about the consortium leadership team.

CO2RUe Research Areas

CO2RUe organizes its research and development into three research areas to lower technical and economic barriers to commercial-scale CO2 reduction and upgrading technologies. Learn more about consortium research.

Contact Us

Questions? Contact CO2RUe to learn more and explore partnership opportunities for R&D in CO2 reduction and upgrading technologies.