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The Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) Bioprose blog is a key resource for scientific information on the U.S. bioeconomy. The blog posts will provide technical knowledge that shows how BETO sustainably develops biofuels and bioproducts; they will also communicate how researchers are making progress in enhancing U.S. energy security and competitive advantage. Read posts from some of bioenergy’s most innovative experts!

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Latest Posts

NREL Cultivates Algae Indoors to Learn How to Boost Growth and Productivity Outdoors
Bioprose Blog: NREL Researchers Working to Lower the Cost of Algal Biofuels and Bioproducts Find Success with Indoor Cultivators
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FCIC Research, Accomplishments, and Opportunities
Bioprose Blog: The Feedstock-Conversion Interface Consortium shares highlights from 2020 and plans for 2021
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Broadening Participation in the Bioeconomy through Small Business Partnerships
Bioprose Blog: BETO seeks to broaden participation in the bioeconomy
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Taking Off into Cleaner Skies with LANL Research
Bioprose Blog: Researchers at LANL develop a renewable jet fuel additive
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NREL Recycles Biorefinery Waste Streams to Create High-Value Chemical Products
Bioprose Blog: NREL researchers develop a method to enhance the value of aqueous waste streams
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Bioenergy Technologies Office Requests Stakeholder Input on Workforce/Career Development
Bioprose Blog: Request for Information closes November 2, 2020
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BETO and POET-DSM Biorefinery Pivots to Support the COVID-19 Response
Bioprose Blog: POET-DSM produces pharmaceutical-grade ethanol necessary for hand sanitizer
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ABPDU's Open Source Software Benefits Biotech Community
Bioprose Blog: ABPDU incorporates stakeholder feedback to create open source software applications
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How BETO is Developing the Next Generation of Biofuels
Bioprose Blog: Insights from EERE Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation and BETO Acting Director, Michael Berube
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A Three-Year Review of BETO's Bioprocessing Separations Consortium
Bioprose Blog: The Bioprocessing Separations Consortium makes progress addressing four critical challenges in biochemical & thermochemical processing.
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Meet Our Bloggers

Jonathan Male
Former Director, Bioenergy Technologies Office
Valerie Sarisky-Reed
Deputy Director, Bioenergy Technologies Office
Daniel B. Fishman
Technology Manager, Advanced Algal Systems
Ian Rowe
Technology Manager, Conversion Research and Development
Christy Sterner
Technology Manager, Advanced Algal Systems
Zia Abdullah
Laboratory Program Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Dr. Asanga Padmaperuma
Senior Research Chemist, Energy Processes and Materials Division at Pacific Northwest National Lab
Tim Theiss
Laboratory Relationship Manager, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Meltem Urgun-Demirtas
Laboratory Relationship Manager, Argonne National Laboratory
J. Richard Hess
Laboratory Relationship Manager, Idaho National Laboratory
Amanda Barry
R&D Manager for the Molecular and Microbiology Department, Sandia National Labs
Babetta (Babs) L. Marrone
Former Laboratory Relationship Manager for BETO programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory
Katy Christiansen
Strategic Programs Development and Implementation manager at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Sheila Van Cuyk
Laboratory Relationship Manager for BETO Programs at Los Los Alamos National Laboratory
Meet Our Bloggers
Bioenergy Technologies Office Bioprose Blog contributor page.
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