Below is the text version for the Biomass 2013: Register Now video.

The Video opens with "U.S. Department of Energy Biomass 2013."

The Biomass 2013 graphic is shown onscreen.

Music with an opening video montage plays. A video of Chris Coons speaking at Biomass 2012 begins.

The next phase of biofuels is ready to leap from the lab bench to the marketplace…

Video shows pictures of Biomass 2012 conference.

Text shows onscreen: "Highlighting Successes in Bioenergy."

Video shows David Danielson speaking at Biomass 2012.

The opportunity presented in inventing and domestically producing clean, renewable biofuels is nothing short of transformative. 

Video shows picture of audience at Biomass 2012.

That's why all of us are here today.

Text shows onscreen: "Exchanging Ideas" fades into "Exploring Opportunities."

Video shows Heather Zichal speaking at Biomass 2012.

This is an industry that's creating jobs and driving economic growth…

Video splits into three windows, each showing Heather Zichal's speech.

Video shows Vice Admiral Dennis V. McGinn speaking at Biomass 2012.

Expanding the portfolio of energy beyond petroleum…

Video shows picture of Biomass 2012 from audience perspective.

...and that is what biofuels is all about.

Text shows onscreen: "The 6th Annual Biomass Conference," "Washington, D.C."

Video shows Michael McAdams conversing with Andrew Graves.

The conference is great… it's two days of the right people talking about the right things.

Video shows Chris Coons speaking at Biomass 2012. investment critical to our future...

Video shows picture of Biomass 2012 from audience perspective.

...and an investment worth making.

Text shows onscreen: "How the Advanced Bioindustry is Reshaping American Energy."

Video shows the Biomass 2013 graphic. Text shows onscreen: "U.S. Department of Energy Biomass 2013," "Washington, D.C.," and "July 31–August 1."

Video re-configures to insert text: "Register Today!" and the Web page URL, ""