The U.S. Department of Energy’s Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) is hosting a 2-day workshop gathering lead experts in the field of aviation biofuels on September 14–15, 2016. The Alternative Aviation Fuel Workshop, which is being held in Macon, Georgia, will advance the understanding of current opportunities to increase the competitiveness of alternative jet fuels.

More than 100 stakeholders from government, national laboratories, universities, and industry have registered to attend this event. During the workshop, attendees will discuss potential solutions for overcoming technical and regulatory barriers to the development of renewable aviation fuel. Input gathered from the participants will provide the information needed to strategize how to realize a future that includes biobased aviation fuels as part of the transition to a low-carbon economy.

BETO Director Jonathan Male will be in attendance to open the event. On the first morning of the workshop, experts in aviation biofuels will present an overview of sustainable jet fuel development, including feedstock supply systems, logistics, and greenhouse gas emission benefits. Speakers will further the attendees’ understanding of current research, development, and deployment efforts.

During afternoon breakout sessions, participants will provide input that is specific to four separate aviation biofuels topics: enhancing technical and economic competitiveness, fuel conversion and scale-up, environmental and sustainability considerations, and resource availability and feedstock supply chains. The goal of these discussions is to identify research and funding priorities for the private and public sectors.

Through sponsorship of this event, BETO is engaging key stakeholders and carrying out a long-term applied research and development strategy to achieve commercial-scale aviation biofuels. BETO regularly hosts strategy workshops to help break down critical technical barriers and promote sustainable and affordable biofuels.

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